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Quick Tips

The first burn:

  1. The first time you light the wood wick it will burn itself down to the correct length, about 1/8" (quite short and that's perfect), and then most likely put itself out.
  2. Knock off any loose charred debris from the wood wick. 
  3. Light the wick for a second time.
  4. When lighting the wick keep your lighter over the wick for an extended time melting the wax around the wick. Remember it is the wax that is burning and not the wick, so the wax needs to be melted just a touch during lighting.
  5. It may take up to 20 seconds and two to three tries for the wick to catch fire as it requires more time for the fire to penetrate the wood. This is why we recommend using a lighter versus a match. 
  6. The first burn is critical, let it burn for a few hours to melt the wax pool all the way to the sides of the jar, or tunneling may occur.

Additional candle care:

  1. Wood wicks burn much shorter than your standard cotton wicks, as such, if it's on fire let it burn! 
  2. Should you feel that the wax is drowning the wood wick you can blow the candle out, use a paper towel and soak up some of the melted wax and then relight the candle. 
  3. Because of the smaller flame, gusts of wind can blow out the candle. We recommend using these candles indoors. 

Why we choose to use wood wicks:

  1. Non-toxic - Cotton wicks can often contain lead, zinc or other metals to help them perform better. Wood wick candles also burn cleaner so there is less carbon released into your home. 
  2. Burns longer - Wood wick candles burn longer than traditional cotton wicks. The wider, shorter flame of the wood wick allows the wax to be consumed at a slower rate.
  3. Ambiance - Wood wick candles provide a crackling sound similar to a fireplace as it burns. Hint: keep it on your desk to enhance your focus while working. 
  4. Sustainability - It takes much more water to grow cotton than wood. The sustainability of wood wicks is measured through the Forest Stewardship Council.
  5. Scent - Wood wicks burn hotter than cotton wicks which leads to a better scent throw filling your room with scent faster.